Friday, June 8, 2012

Musings of a Free-Faller

Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday #1!  Enjoy the following 118 words.

All right, I’m sick of screaming.  I’ve been falling for…oh, it has to have been at least a week.  Who knew bottomless pits were so boring.  You do the same thing over and over.
                Let me see.  Wake up, scream, stop screaming because throat hurts, contemplate situation, realize there is no change in situation, look around, stop looking around because everything is black, contemplate situation some more, scream, rinse and repeat.  Pretty boring.  At least the sick-from-falling sensation in my stomach finally went away.  That was getting old a few hundred-thousand miles ago.
Man, this is tiring.  That’s the last time I pick up a cute puppy in a dungeon.  What was I—