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Out of the Lockbox no longer hosts book tours. Goddess Fish and all other book promotions are now handled at Kit ‘N Kabookle.


Check out Goddess Fish’s website to see what services they provide. Visit their blog to view their book tours.

Tours Hosted by the Lockbox
-All the Colors of Love
A gay young adult science fiction romance by Jessica Freely

-Angel of Syn
A paranormal urban fantasy by Mertianna Georgia

-The Angry Woman Suite
A historical psychological mystery by Lee Fullbright

-Between Micah and Amos
A young adult suspense by Alan Oakes

-Blood Destiny Series
An urban fantasy series by Helen Harper

-The Cadence of Gypsies
A contemporary mystery by Barbara Casey

-Cassie Scot: Paranormal Detective
An urban fantasy by Christine Amsden

-Chronicles of Morgaine
A dark romantic fantasy by Joe Vadalma

-Cover of Darkness
A crime thriller by Gregory Delaurentis

-The Cracked Slipper
A romantic women’s fiction fantasy by Stephanie Alexander.

-Dark Musicals Trilogy
A young adult thriller series by Laura DeLuca

-The Disillusioned
A mystery suspense adventure by D.J. Williams

-Dylan’s Song
A mystery/thriller by P.M. Terrell

-Elven Blood
An urban/contemporary fantasy by Debra Dunbar

-Ennara and the Fallen Druid
A middle grade fantasy by Angela Myron

-Gold Manor Ghost House
A young adult paranormal romance by Merry Brown

A young adult fantasy by M. Lathan

A dark murder mystery by Emily Kimelman

-Island Shifters (An Oath of the Blood)
A fantasy by Valerie Zambito

-Last Keeper’s Daughter
A paranormal romance/mystery by Rebecca Trogner

A young adult paranormal fantasy by Natalie Roers

-A Matter of Circumstance and Celludrones (Dark Matters, Book 1)
A steampunk paranormal romance by Claire Robyns

-Midshipman Henry Gallant in Space
A science fiction novel by H. Peter Alesso

-Minotaur Revisited
A historical fantasy by David Gelber

-Range: I am not Junco
A new adult dark fantasy by J.A. Huss

-Revenge of the Mad Scientist
A steampunk adventure by Lara Nance

-The Rules of Dreaming
A mystery/suspense by Bruce Hartman

-Saving Casey
A young adult suspense thriller by Liza O’Connor

-Secrets of an Aztec Temple
An action adventure with romantic elements by Paty Jager

-Secrets of a Dangerous Woman
A suspense novel with a touch of romance and the paranormal by P.M. Terrell

-Shepherd’s Moon
A fantasy thriller by Stacy Mantle

-The Silver Sphere
A young adult fantasy by Michael Dadich

-Soul Sucker
A paranormal romance by Kate Pearce

-Special Offers & Special Rewards
Paranormal romance/urban fantasy books by M.L. Ryan

-The Sydney Rye Series
Hard boiled mysteries by Emily Kimelman

-Twinned Universes
A science fiction novel by Sandra Ulbrich Almazan

-The War InsideBook 1 in the Horizons Trilogy
A young adult dystopian paranormal novel by M. Kircher

-Wind’s Aria
An inspirational fantasy romance by Tessa Stockton

An occult crime thriller by Joseph Spencer

Other Promos

-Call of the Piss Fairy cover reveal
A bizarro psychological thriller by Lee Allen Howard

-Fleshing Out Your Villains
Guest post by Lee Allen Howard for his supernatural crime novel DEATH PERCEPTION

-Hysteria a guest appearance
Poetry by Stephanie M. Wytovich

-The Revelations of Preston Black cover reveal
by Jason Jack Miller

-Seal of Honor cover reveal
A romantic suspense by Tonya Burrows

-Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce
Guest post from Rachell Nichole

-Queen of Hearts
An f/f erotic romance by Rachell Nichole

A young adult mystery by S.X. Bradley

-Waking Up Dead
A paranormal mystery by Margo Bond Collins

-Amarilys Acosta
Young adult adventure/romance

-Tiffany Avery

-Erin Bales
Epic fantasy

-Jason Blatt
Comic fantasy

-Sandra I. Bordenca
It’s Okay to Laugh…(Sometimes)

-Joe Borrelli

-Sally Bosco
Young adult dark fantasy
Shadow Cat
The Werecat Chronicles

-Natalie Duval
Regency romance

-Craig Grossman
Neo-noir suspense
A Walk Through Hell

-Samantha Holloway

-Jennifer Loring

-Kate Martin
Eternal Shadows

-Ethan Nahte
Speculative fiction

-Rachell Nichole
Erotic romance
An Affair Across Times Square
An Engagement in Paris
Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce
Queen of Hearts

-Lori Pollard-Johnson
Mystery +
Toxic Torte
The Lie
The Truth Test
Recipe for a Rebel

-Rachel Robins
Urban fantasy

-Heather Sedlak
Science fiction and fantasy

-Victoria Thompson
Historical mystery
The Gaslight Mysteries

-Susan Whitfield
Mystery +
Genesis Beach
Just North of Luck
Hell Swamp
Sin Creek
Slightly Cracked
Killer Recipes

-David Wilbanks

-Stephanie Wytovich

-Anna Zabo
Erotic paranormal/fantasy romance
Close Quarter

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