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Author Interview--Rachell Nichole

Hey folks,

Welcome back to another Fiction Friday interview. This Friday, I’m very excited to present my first interview of a published author. We have with us Rachell Nichole—romance author—and she’s going to talk about her soon-to-be-on-shelves contemporary erotic romance. As always, the interviewee will do the talking. Take it away, Rach.

Hi Mary,
Thanks so much for letting me stop by today to talk to you a little bit about me and my new book, An Affair Across Times Square.

-What book and/or experience made you want to be a writer?

I’ve been storytelling since I could type. I’m not sure if it was because I was such an avid reader as a kid, or if it was the insomnia and ease of access to a computer during the summer, or some combination thereof, but I do know that when I was ten or eleven and showing my parents my stories, they sat me down to talk about plagiarism, because I was crafting stories well beyond my age, which of course made me pleased as punch. As for why I write romance, that’s a little easier to place. When I was 16, my mom handed me my first paranormal romance. I’d read adult literature and YA (though it wasn’t nearly as popular then) and all kinds of other genres. But never an adult romance. It was Dark Desire by Christine Feehan, one of her Carpathian novels. And I was hooked. I started writing a paranormal romance novel two years later.

-What genre(s) do you write?

I write flash fiction in a lot of different genres, I’ve written poetry and experimental pieces that use multimedia and pictures, and quite a bit of creative non-fiction in the past three or four years. As for noveling, I write paranormal romance, romantic suspense, and contemporary erotic romance.

-Upcoming publication?

My first book, An Affair Across Times Square is due out from Loose Id on August 21, 2012. This was the third novel I finished and it was written specifically for an editor who was a classmate and friend. She heard me do a reading at Seton Hill of my second novel and asked me if I wrote erom (erotic romance) and if I would send her some. I told her I hadn’t written any, but I was certainly not opposed to doing so. The next week I had an idea, and four months later I wrote 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo and Serena (my editor) gave me a deadline for the book. The rest happened so fast, I think I still have whiplash. She loved it, management did, too. And then it was off to contracts and edits, and more edits, and the book’s coming out next month, just over a year after the idea for the book was born.


An Affair Across Times Square is a contemporary erotic romance set in New York City.

Here’s the blurb and a little teaser:

Layla Morgan is tired of getting into trouble, and getting hurt. And she fears her wild nature is going to strike yet again. But maybe this time, she’s finally met the guy that can stand close enough to touch her inner flames, and not get burned. The man across Times Square seems enthralled by her wildness instead of scared in the face of it. He can’t seem to look away as she shows him just how much fun she can have… with herself.
After one glance of silky skin and talented fingers, Tyler Lachlan doesn’t stand a chance of resisting the delicious distraction of the mystery woman from the Marietta Hotel. He’s sure there’s more to her than her sultry voice and mahogany thighs, but he doesn’t know if he’s willing to risk his career to find out.
Could what began as a voyeuristic affair across Times Square develop into something more?

And from chapter two, here’s a little teaser filled with just a touch of explicit content
Layla sank to her knees on the plush beige carpet, resting her head against the curtained window.
“What are you doing?” She hissed the words through clenched teeth, still shaking from her second orgasm. What, indeed? God, her mother would kill her if she found out. Layla had to call down to the concierge, get her room changed right away. She’d never be able to look out her window again without heat infusing her body. Who came in to the office at six a.m.? She’d never seen anyone there until well past eight.
But her heart pounded, refusing to let her move. She had never felt such a rush as she had holding that intense, dark gaze and bringing herself quivering to the edge. She wanted more of it. Craved his hot, fixated look. She felt his eyes on her every step of the way. And she’d no longer pictured Brian. Her full attention had been on the man across Times Square and his ebony skin. His face was chiseled with a square jaw. A light suit perfectly set off his shaved head and wide shoulders. Within a moment or two, staring at him and touching herself, she’d come.
She knew better than to let herself get out of control. It only got people hurt, and she was always one of them. Not to mention proper ladies didn’t seduce voyeurs across the street. Which was almost enough to make her want to do it anyway, just because she knew it was “wrong.” She reined in her impulses, desperate to control them and think this through before she did anything else.
What if she could let this be her one outlet? It would help her decompress and keep her thoughts off Brian. This idea held possibilities. Terrifying possibilities. Mr. Times Square probably had a wife, and she shouldn’t be fooling around with him, even from a distance. If he was married, he had no business looking into her personal window. She shook her head at her foolishness. Why hadn’t she bothered to check if someone was in one of those rooms in the building across the street?
Her legs felt like they were filled with custard instead of bones, her muscles still quivering inside and out. She raised a shaky hand to the curtain and slid one panel to the left half an inch. Just enough to see out, to look into Mr. TS’s window and see that he was gone. She tried to squash the disappointment blooming in her chest. He’d run away. She had no right being disappointed, no right parading herself in front of him like some Amsterdam prostitute in the window. What if someone else had been in that office and seen her?
Layla looked at the rest of the windows, searching, making sure no one else had witnessed her personal peep show. She couldn’t see anyone, but she hadn’t seen her voyeur until it was too late. She returned her gaze to his small office. Not even a plant in there. Nothing that told her about him. No paintings on the wall. Nothing but the desk, two chairs in front of it and one behind, and the door out of the office, which opened. She froze as he came back into view.
Gorgeous. A trim goatee covered his square jaw, making him look distinguished. She’d never thought Times Square was so big and small at the same time.

-For other aspiring writers, any tips?

This one’s easy – write!!! Never give up and never stop writing (or reading). If I had stopped the first time my parents thought I was taking other people’s stuff and putting my name on it, or the first time I got a rejection, or the first time I got a C on a writing assignment, or every time I was torn to shreds by professors and peers who knew I had better in me, I wouldn’t be here today. I wouldn’t be loving what I do and crafting stories to share with you all.

-What’s your favorite book/genre to read?

I adore romance novels of most subgenres. I will always have a special place for paranormal, since it was my first introduction to romance. But I also love historical, steam punk, erotic romance, and romantic suspense. I will say that my least favorite is straight contemporary romance. There’s usually not enough going on in those to keep me on the edge of my seat. The other subgenres have so much else going on around the romance plot and in the amazing ones, this external action is driving the romance and vice versa. It’s incredible to read.

-What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever written? (Book, short story, scene, etc.)

That’s such a good question, and a really hard one to answer. I’ve taken creative writing classes since fifth grade, so I have amassed an incredible amount of writing. This is going to sound strange, but I think my favorite thing wasn’t even a creative piece. I wrote an essay in high school called “Black and Red” about The Solitaire Mystery by Jostein Gaarder, which was an amazing book. One of my favorites I’ve ever read.

Thanks again for stopping by today, and if you’d like to be entered into a drawing to win a free copy of An Affair Across Times Square, leave a comment. One winner will be chosen on August 22.

There she is—Rachell Nichole. Like what you see? Look for “An Affair Across Times Square” starting this coming Tuesday, August 21! Also, check out the book’s YouTube promo video here!

Want more from Rachell?

Check out her website and her blog, a group blog Rach shares with two other erotic romance authors—Danica St. Como and Nona Raines. Also, like Rach’s Facebook author page.

The book is out! Get it here!


  1. Sounds like an interesting premise. And your passion for writing really comes through. Good interview.

  2. Thanks, Allie. :-)
    I can't take credit for the questions - that was all Mary's doing.

    Would you like to be entered in the pool to win a copy of the book?

  3. I wanna be entered in the pool! *Raising my hand and jumping around*

    Wonderful interview, Rachell and Mary! It's great that you're interested in so many genres of romance, Rachell. I know at one time you were working on a paranormal. Is that still in the works?

  4. Aww, Rachell, you give me too much credit. The questions were easy to come up with. :)
    I'm always looking for new blood to feature, though. I love doing this--Friday is my favorite blog ppost day.

  5. Very cool. Nona, I think that was a hint! :-) Mary, Nona has TWO new books. One that just came out a few days ago and one that came out a few weeks back. I can pass along e-mail addresses if you'd like to be interviewed Nona.

    And yes, I'm still kind of working on the paranormals. They've taken a back seat to erom for now, though.

  6. I'm game. Got a bit of a line right now but still game. :)

  7. Thanks, Rachell, for your insight and words of wisdom about writitng. Of course I am anxious to read your novel as soon as it is available--that would be Tuesday, right--but I am also curious about your other novels. You say the paranormals have taken a back seat, but don't you have a couple written? By the way--great promotional video. Are you the narrator?

  8. I am the narrator, Ron. Thanks. I spent a lot of time fooling around with the video and it was SO much fun.
    I have one paranormal finished and I'm about 1/3 of the way through a second. But there are only so many hours in the day, you know?

    Here's the direct link. After midnight, this should lead you to the place where you can buy the book. I'll do the drawing for the winner of a free copy on Wednesday!

  9. How exciting! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.:D You had me at "mahogany thighs".

  10. :-P Thanks R2 (I can't make a superscript here, but you know what I mean)

    I'll do the drawing this afternoon and post here who the winner of the FREE copy is with instructions on how to get it!!
    Stay tuned.

  11. I just did the drawing and I'm happy to announce that ALLIE RITCH is the winner!

    Allie, if you could e-mail me at Rach (at) RachellNichole (dot) com with the format you'd like the book in, I'll send it right over!


    Thank you to everyone for your comments and participation. If you did not win but would still like a copy of the book, here's the link.

    ~ Rach

  12. Good show. And, the link is now live at the end of the post. Thanks again Rach for stopping by.