Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"I Wish I Could Go Back to Grad School" - Parody Lyrics for Writers

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Last month around this time I delivered to you a parody of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call me Maybe” entitled “Read My Novel Maybe.” In honor of my fun in writing that post, I have decided to make the second to last Wednesday of each month “Parody Lyrics for Writers.”

This month I have one that hits close to home. It is specific to the Seton Hill University MFA in Writing Popular Fiction experience and to the tune of “I Wish I could go back to College” from the Broadway musical “Avenue Q.” Listen along as you read here.

WARNING: Strong language in both the parody and original.



I wish I could go back to grad school
Life is so simple at SHU

What would I give
To go back and Live
In the dorms or hotels with my group

I wish I could go back to grad school
In grad school you know who you are
You sit in the caf
Shout, cry and laugh
And know that you’re gonna go far

How do I go back to grad school?
I can’t write alone anymore
I want to go back into class and find a lesson on dry erase pen on the board

Wish I just had modules
Plot and POV stuff’s okay
Meet with my mentor
Guest speaker last day

I need all of my teachers and mentor to point the way

I could be
Sitting down at the hotel bar
4am before the final critiques are due
Cursing the world cuz I didn’t start sooner
And helping my friends critique their stuff too

I wish I could go back to grad school
How do I go back to grad school?

I wish I had taken more notes

But if I were to go back to grad school
Think how little I’d do

I’d walk into crit
And think holy sh*t

I’d never write if I lived at SHU

Wednesday Word Tally

As promised—my urban fantasy word count for the week and some extra info. This week meet the short synopsis.

Half-dryad Vern Sumac works for her boss/best friend, Warren Gazeban, at the Magical Investigation Agency (MIA). The magically assisted theft starts her on a case and brings her into contact with Eliot Keeper (a reporter for the New York Times). When she witnesses the murder of Keeper (as a wolf) by a second wolf, she discovers that all is not as it seems and must find both Keeper’s murderer and the device that Keeper (who had non-magical blood in his veins) used to give himself the ability to turn into a wolf.

DayStart CountWrittenFinal Count

Total Written: 6377
Average words per day: 911
Words remaining: 51,175

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