Friday, August 9, 2013

Support Daily Science Fiction

Good Friday,

Daily Science Fiction is a pro-rate, SFWA qualifying e-zine I read, well, daily. They produce some awesome content. No really, awesome—funny, tear jerking, makes-you-think—sometimes all in one.

I believe in the power of strong literature, and I believe in the strength of short fiction. Combined, I believe that short fiction needs to continue being available in as readily available a format as DSF. And for those reasons, I ask you to support and/or donate to Daily Science Fiction on Kickstarter.

Give any amount starting at $1. Every dollar is one $ closer to their goal, which will allow them to continue paying authors for their hard work.

Thank you for your time, eyes, and support. Sharing this post puts the word out there too.

@desantismt on Twitter

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