Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Characters Ran off with My Scene!

WANTED: Run-Away Characters

Last seen on the corner of Chapter 12 Street and Ynatsaf Ave

Character 1: female, dark brown hair, about 5 ft 6. Probably in military uniform. Most likely unconcerned.
Character 2: male, blonde hair, about 5 ft 10. Probably in military uniform and may be blushing furiously.
Character 3: male, sand-brown hair, about 6ft. Royal bearing and sporting one massive temper.

They ran off with my scene! It was going fine and then the girl and the blonde were arguing, and the other guy was standing in the trees, watching and fuming. And…who put them in charge? I want my scene back!

Please, if you see them or know anything, report it.

Phone (toll free): 1-800-GET-THEM

Many thanks!

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