Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

Hey, that rhymes!

Good Monday,

As promised on Saturday, last week in detail.

Tuesday – Dinner out with writers. Costumes encouraged, which, of course, means I dressed up.

Wednesday – Open mike night with different writers. Costumes encouraged, which, of course, means I dressed up.

I read from my thesis Wednesday night and won first prize. *jumps up and down.* The overall reaction to what I read was positive. That made me feel much better about myself and the project. I’d post the excerpt I read, but I want to use it at my thesis reading next June, and I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

In addition to reading, I sang Reflection from Disney’s Mulan. I also dressed as Mulan as you can see from the picture. They said we got bonus points for dressing as something related to what we read. No, my thesis is not Mulan, but this post (one of my first ever) explains the relationship.

Writer Point: At every opportunity you get, read your work before an audience. It’s great practice. It helps eliminate stage fright, and it gives you feedback reading to yourself can never give.

Thursday – Halloween night. Halloween party, costumes more or less required.

I’ve always wanted purple hair. A night of fun—games, conversation, food, and drink (both types).

Friday – Nano kick-off (no costumes)

I hit the ground running on Friday with about 2500 words. I’m now sitting just past 7k. How’s everyone else doing?

Stay tuned for more writer stuff and more nano updates. Feel free to traverse the nano with me here with word counts or goals.

Thanks for reading.

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