Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wording It Up for 2014

So the trend this year seems to be not to make New Years resolutions. Instead, the thing is to pick one word for 2014, one word you want 2014 to be.

I’m stuck.

Go figure. I would get stuck on one word. I use several of them daily (being a writer and all), but I can’t decide on one word for 2014.

At least I’m only stuck between two. Help?

Productive or fun?

I like both. I want 2014 to be both. But I feel like I have more control over fun. I can make fun. I can participate in fun activities with those around me. I can say “let’s go to the movies/play a board game/hang out and talk.”

By contrast, I can’t say “let’s get my book finished.” I have to do that on my own. And it’s a lot more work.

I also can’t say “let’s get this book published by [insert big-name publisher] this year.” That is, outside of sending the query, out of my control.

It’s looking like productive is going to be my word for 2014. I want the year to be productive. It’s something to hope for. By contrast, I want the year to be fun, but that’s something I can make happen.

Though, I suppose I can make productivity happen to a point, too.

Then again, I could always combine them to make funductive…but that just doesn’t sound right.

What’s your word for 2014?


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