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MCS #2: A Goofy Movie

A Goofy Movie (1995)

The girl Max has a crush on, Roxanne, asks him if he wants to watch the Powerline concert with her. He agrees, and then his dad, Goofy, announces that they are going on a father/son camping trip during the concert. In an effort to impress Roxanne, Max tells her he’s going to the Powerline concert and will dance with the group. There’s only one problem, that’s not quite the truth.

Can you say win? I can, and this movie is full of it.

Max: “Dad, it’s Bigfoot!”
Goofy: *looking through a camera* “Could you back up a bit, Mr. Foot. You’re out of focus.”

laughing dog

The “goofy” in the title pretty much says it all. This movie is laugh after laugh. It also has some serious parts, too, and those serious parts are what make it more than just another ha-ha movie. Max and Goofy learn a lot about what it means to be family. While stranded on a log floating downriver, they sing a great song called “Nobody Else but You” that captures everything about what a good parent/child relationship should be.

Speaking of songs, can I just say that Powerline’s stuff is amazing. I can’t say how many times I wished this song would come on the radio when I was in elementary school…and middle school…and high school…and college…all right, and now.

That’s what I’m talking about, and the scene during the song is just awesome, too.

And then there’s this guy.

“It’s the leaning tower of cheesa.”

Oh yeah.

Bonus Points: Anyone remember the Goofy Movie miniseries? Pete’s RVs and such. There was a spelling bee episode where Max and Goofy competed against each other. Every time the moderator asked Goofy to spell a word, Goofy spelled “boat.” Finally, he’s asked to spell “boat.”

Goofy: “b-q-z-z…and another q-t”

Writer’s Lockbox

Let’s talk about ya romance. A Goofy Movie is the perfect example of how to do ya romance without the dreaded love triangle of doom (ah, the doom! lol). Max and Roxanne are adorable. There’s really no other word for them. And what’s keeping them apart? A concert—simple. It’s a series of teen mistakes—lies and half-truths followed by Max confessing. It’s a happy ending, and it’s a fun process. The issues are believable for high school kids. People, take note.

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