Wednesday, February 26, 2014

On the Importance of Leaving One's House

Good Wednesday,

It’s a thesis deadline week, so this post is going to be short.

Actually, this Saturday is my last partial-thesis deadline. By this I mean that the deadline after this is when it’s due, as in the entire thesis is due to be graded pass or fail.


As a result, I’m a bit stressed out, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. Theoretically.

This brings me to today, though, and this post. Changing up writing scenery is important. My local writer buddies (collectively known as Write Club) have a write-in every two weeks at a local coffee/sandwich shop. Sometimes these turn into a talk-and-hang-out session. Lately, we’ve been good about avoiding this, however, and tonight we actually worked.

That was exceptionally helpful. I think I’ve finally figured out my thesis’s ending (fingers crossed), but I did not want to write the beginning of the last chapter. Prior to the write-in, that was the only part I hadn’t gotten down on computer screen (not paper).

The write-in helped immensely. The change of location sparked the desire to work. My room gets monotonous after a while. More importantly, it allowed me to go into “don’t think, just write” mode. I now have the first half of my last chapter. It needs severe edits, but I can work with that. As a wise writer I know (whose name escapes me) once said, you can’t fix a blank page.

Truth is truth.

Where do you go when you need a change of scenery?

Thanks for reading.

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