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MCS #9: Bambi

Bambi (1942)

IMDB Blurb
The story of a young deer growing up in the forest after his mother is shot by hunters.

So, that synopsis, yeah. Disney, I love you, but there’s no real plot here. I mean, even if we expand past this, the story is about a deer who makes friends, grows up, falls in love with a female deer (that’s a doe, and we’re in the money with a buck…badumpch), becomes prince of the forest, and has twins.

Okay Smiley Sign

Despite this, this movie is indeering (see what I did there?) and extremely depressing. This brings the “mother not in the picture” to a new level. Let’s talk about murder on screen. Pardon me while I cry like a baby.

But seriously, this is a coming of age story. Bambi is forced to learn some tough life lessons very quickly. All things considered, he turns out pretty good.

Then there’s the random “black screen,” Bambi’s an adult now. Oh, and why is he so resistant to love? The girls are all over that concept. The guys aren’t. I’m seeing a gender thing here. 

When all else fails, this movie has it all—love, marriage, and a skunk named Flower. What more do you need?

So happy

That’s what I thought.

Writer’s Lockbox

I’d like to take this opportunity to reiterate my point about having a plot.

Have a plot.

Thank you.

Carry on.

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