Monday, September 24, 2012

Birthday Post--Muppets

Ah, another week.

Normally, today would be about my next book for my readings in the genre class. But it’s not.


Today’s my birthday!

*Happy dance*

Incidentally, today is also Jim Henson’s birthday—the creator of the Muppets.

I love the Muppets, so for both Henson and myself, I present my top five favorite Muppet Moments.

5. “Wrong Dwarves”

From Sesame Street—Kermit brings us another “Breaking News Story” from the house of the wrong Seven Dwarves.

4. “Light the lamp, not the rat”

From “A Muppet Christmas Carol”—wonderful scene where Gonzo accidentally lights Rizzo on fire.

3. “Bohemian Rhapsody” by the Muppets

Awesome—that is all.

2. “Roll Call”

From “Muppet Treasure Island”—I feel so bad for Kermit here.

1. “Muppaphone: Witch Doctor”

The ending secured this video spot #1.

See you out of the box,

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