Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012--news, accio, contest thing

Happy Halloween!

I have big news, a fun video to share, and a contest to initiate.

Before all that I have a PSA. The Goodreads Choice Awards have begun. Hop over to the site and cast your first-round votes. Show authors you care! 

All right, the three:


I have finished the urban fantasy rough draft! It clocked in at a grand total of 93,414 words this morning. (The breakdown is below). Wednesday Word Tally is not over, however, for now begins the editing process. I’ll be posting updates on Wednesdays of my progress.

New goal: Have it ready to be queried by New Years. Don’t fail me, 2012!


I’m going to try and make this a steady thing. I uploaded the first (of hopefully many) “PotterFails.” Quite simply, it’s what happens when spells from the world-renown “Harry Potter” series go terribly awry.

Check out the first:Accio!


Okay, it’s less of a contest, more of something to do. Authors (all genres/styles), writers (all types: poetry, screen, play, etc.), comment with your best Halloween costume ever. My plan (if this gets enough steam) is to pick my three favorite and give them a shout out next Wednesday.

Shout out = name, website, any publications you want to mention (past or upcoming).

I’ll start with my best costume. One year I went as a white board. I got two pieces of light-weight, white board (those old poster boards), cut a plastic cup in half and attached it filled with markers, and went to my high school Halloween bash. Everyone signed me. My friends had to edit me. It was a blast.

What’s yours?

Comment me up by midnight on Monday Nov. 5 (EST). I’ll comment with the winners Tuesday morning, and it will go up on Wednesday.

Wednesday Word Tally

DayStart CountWrittenFinal Count

Total words written: 12,768
Average words per day: 1596

Yesterday was rough. It was a long day that ended in a headache and thus an early night. But I was determined this morning (knowing I was so close to finishing). And…ta-da!

Thank you for keeping up with me. Your silent encouragement means more than I can say. Knowing people are watching my progress motivates me to write more.

Stay tuned for more bits about the book and my revision progress.

Wednesday Word Tally is made possible by Basic Calculator and Practiceboard: an html practice site.

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