Friday, November 2, 2012

"This is the Idiot" - Flash Fiction

Good Friday,

I don’t have an interview for you this week. Instead I have a bit of flash fiction.

Before the flash fiction—

Nanowrimo has officially begun!

Show of hands, who’s taking the challenge?

New for the month of November: On Writer’s Wednesday, along with my editing progress for the urban fantasy, I’ll be posting my word progress and projected finish date for Nanowrimo. And I encourage anyone who’s participating to share their progress on Wednesdays.

50k, all the way!

K, flash fiction.

A Seton Hill friend did a Ten Days of Flash Fiction challenge on Facebook. She started an event and challenged everyone who joined to write a piece of flash fiction every day for—you guessed it—ten days.

The following is one of the things I came up with. It clocks in at a total of 42 words (the meaning of life). I’ll explain the inspiration behind it after the 42 words. If I do it now, it will give it away.



"Hi. Do you travel around these parts often?”

"Not really." Splash. "So you're out on a row boat in the Atlantic ocean. Pretty risky.”

"Not really. All part of the adventure. Nice backpack. It reminds me of a fin—”


Recently, there were great white shark sightings up near New England. They’d closed down the beaches at Cape Cod in Massachusetts and warned people to stay out of the water. As I have observed, however, “there’s always one idiot.”

This is the idiot, which I think may also be the title of this piece.

Have a wonderful weekend.

P.S. Anyone going to the World Fantasy Convention—have a blast! My goal is to get there next year.

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