Friday, October 18, 2013

Announcing My New Book Promotion Blog

Good Friday,

Since last December, I have hosted book tours for Goddess Fish Promotions. I am continuing this practice, but the location of the book tours is changing. Starting on Monday, Out of the Lockbox will, once again, be devoted entirely to my personal posts. You lucky kids. You get to put up with me.

For those who come for the book tours, fear not. My new blog is up and functioning. It doesn’t have content yet, but it will bright and early Monday morning. Interested, give it a follow at…

Kit ‘N Kabookle

I know. I’m so creative. (Ok, you weren’t thinking that, but I was.)

Don’t forget about me over here, though. Lockboxes are people too.

Have a good weekend.

@desantismt on Twitter

Follow me…if you dare.

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