Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I Has an Excited

Good Wednesday,

In the midst of going crazy for my final deadline for thesis this semester, I realized I can finally share some news I’ve been sitting on since May.

I’m a first reader for Daily Science Fiction—a magazine of speculative fiction.

No really. My name is on the website’s About Us page.

K, I’m done bragging. I just has an excited that my name is on the website.

Speaking of the website, subscribe to DSF’s daily e-mailed stories. It’s free, and they have great content (and not just because I help pick it out). I’m one of several first readers, so I only pick out a fraction, and not all the stories I pick get published.

That said, I need to take a moment to say something positive about the short fiction market. There’s a lot of talk about rejection—why stories are rejected, the grumbles when a story is rejected, what to do to lessen your rejection ratio. From the other side of the desk, there is no better feeling than opening your e-mail and seeing a story you put through to the second round of the submissions process. I’ve seen a few of mine since I started (there was a couple of month delay before we started influencing what was published). One of the ones I saw get published was my favorite of all the stories I’ve read in the cue. I was thrilled I helped that story find a home.

So keep positive about the short story market. There are plenty of readers out there who are ecstatic when that gem pops up.

Thanks for reading.

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