Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dear Idina Menzel...

Dear Idina Menzel,

You delivered an amazing performance of “Let It Go” on Sunday. The song won the Oscar for best musical number, and Frozen won the Oscar for best animated feature. That’s amazing!

So if you are at all still upset about this…

Don’t be.

No really. I mean, Travolta, he played this guy.

And this guy.

Enough said.


If that’s not enough, though, grab some popcorn. I’ve got more. Can we talk about this?

And this?

Not to mention the internet. Twitter exploded, and there’s a ton of articles. Like this one from Eonline and this one from the NY Daily News. There’s a ton more where those came from, and all of them are on your side.

As are your peeps. All of us who love WICKED


And Frozen and Glee and everything else you’ve done. And those of us who will love If/Then.

Because really, what’s not to love.

So I close by saying that this has not been a loss. In fact, it’s even a win. You and “Let It Go” were everywhere before the Oscars, and you will continue to be all over the place now. As Shakespeare said, “what’s in a name?” In your case (“though it’s the toughest case I’ve yet to face”), it’s not the name but the talent behind the name. And, girl, you’ve got that in spades.

Let’s watch the movie scene again. Because we can.

That’s what I’m talking about.

Rock on.

-A fan

The full Oscar performance with intro because I couldn’t find it without.

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